Assignment outside the state of Kelantan and Kuala Lumpur?
Yes. Until now we accept any assignments given.

Is there any changes of price on package if the assignment located outside of Kelantan or KL?
Yes, it depends on the mileage of the location. But its all negotiable.

The period of time needed to finish on albums? (Sticky / Custom)
Once again it depends; on time, situation, and creativity. Take for example the custom / storybook; more timeline is needed because it involved a lot of processes starting from the editing to the process of printing. Minimum it will be finished in 1 month, however, the maximum period of times is up to 4 month.

The cancellation can be done?
Sure it can. Unfortunately, the deposit will not be return.

Can other private photographer tag along in doing assignments with Angelz Studio?
Possible, from our (Angelz Studio) behalf to share the knowledge in photography. Ideas is the key point in this industry. “Two Brains are better than one”.

When will the payments need to be done?
30% from the whole payment (deposit) need to be done during for locking the dates desired. 70% of the balance are compulsory to pay after the whole events.

When will be the Album Delivered?
After making the last payments to us, we will begin the whole process of making the album. The amount of times to complete it are differ according to the season. Roughly between 2 weeks not more than 3 month. Guess what? Most of our customers received their album after 2 weeks making the last payment.

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