“Into The New World” with Angelz Studio

Angelz Studio, which was incorporated long ago in the end of 2009 and formally register in early July 2013. The core business of Angelz Studio is producing a captivating photography for individuals, couples, companies and their products. Since its inception, Angelz Studio has developed to be a comprehensive studio in creative development and project execution which covers all aspect of IP creation, pre-production development, and post-production due to its expertise in graphic designing (illustration and animated).


Wedding Photography

The start up business. We shot wedding events as our start up in this field and it is also our core business until now and forever.


A special project requires documentation. We make it the same as it is going to be broadcast in the main stream television.

Video Highlights

As our involvement in wedding photography, we also advance our creativity with it cinematography.


A lot of company and privates are into YouTube nowadays, we will provide the most professional graphic ever.


Media Coverage


3rd Malaysian Audiologist Conference 2014.

Media Documentation


Provide a large scale of media documentation for the BANKA Drilling Project. Government Event under Jabatan Mineral dan Geosains Malaysia (JMG)



Forum Sempena Hari Anti Rasuah Sedunia. (SPRM) Government Event.


2009 – Present

With our vast experience in photography, the wedding events will have the biggest laughter ever.

Let’s make something together.

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