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Angelz Studio, which was incorporated long ago in the end of 2009 and formally register in early July 2013. The core business of Angelz Studio is producing a captivating broadcast and entertainment for individuals, couples, companies and their products. Since its inception, Angelz Studio has developed to be a comprehensive studio in creative development and project execution which covers all aspect of IP creation, pre-production development, and post-production due to its expertise in broadcasting and entertainment (videography and animated).

The initiative to incorporate Angelz Studio was mooted by one professional with deep passion and special interest in the creative industry. After couple of years involving in studies and the multi discipline businesses, he is now seriously embarking on an expansion program by venturing into creative content industry, a field that promises a lot of challenges but profitable return.

Angelz Studio is a studio for Interactive Media, Broadcasting and Digital Designing.


Angelz Studio is designed to be a comprehensive studio for entire production and distribution of photography, videography, animations and digital designing or better known as ‘One Stop Centre’. Angelz Studio aims to be the one with big new ideas that create impact to the world of entertainment, broadcast and digital design. Angelz Studio would like to think that despite its size, a well manage creative studio can produce greater impact to the industry.


Our involvement in the world of creative industry is not limited to producing our own original IPs. We also provide services for any studios or companies worldwide to have strategic partnership of co-producing the entire production cycle and their product to stage of commercialization.
Working with other studios will allow us to learn from each other and expand our creativity. So the more we do, the better we get. And we definitely love our client’s product as much as we love ours!

Angelz Studio Profile (Montage Version)

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