One and only Korean living in Kelantan

2020 will be the most memorable day to some of us. Same goes to us, with the Control Movement Order (CMO) held by the Government of Malaysia to prevent the spread of the Covid19 is also a halt to our business movement.

Doing travel business and establish KORMA specialize in taveling to South Korea is our main business apart of Event & Wedding Photography at Angelz Studio. The pressure of both of our business been affected by the pandemic is a torn indeed.

Deffinitely, our love and affection to South Korea can not be decribe with words. Especially, our base is located in Kelantan, Malaysia, a rogue and far away district from modernization (it is modern, but keeping the era of 90’s nostalgic environment is an exotic feeling indeed).

Vice versa for this one beautiful Korean lady. She is daring enough to invest and embark a business journey in the capital city of Kelantan, Malaysia since 2016.

Meeting with her is definitely a potion that cures our yearning memoirs to South Korea. Exchanging the memories we have while embarking the journey in South Korea and listen to her stories embarking the venture in Malaysia is a concoction that nobody can describes.

Our expertise is taking photograph. We definitely want to take this oppurtinity to portrait her and introduced the inner beauty of this one and only Korean lady living in the rogue district of Malaysia, Kelantan.

Like a the famous Korean actor, her face looks alike Kim Tae Hee. In toher words, this is Kim Tae Hee Kelatey.

Do follow her on Instagram @jueyoung_my

Drawing of Won Jue Young

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